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About Freiends4ever
August 6th, 2007
Friends4ever Email started. Members can have email id like name@

March 9th, 2007
Chat Room started and opened the members.
January 15, 2007
Friends4ever officially Launched on the web and opened for registration.

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"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."

--- Charles Caleb Colton

�As much easy it is, to make friendship, that much it is hard to preserve it. To hold on that relation we need to be in contact with friends and to share our daily thoughts and emotions.

�"Friends4ever" is a community of friends, built with the prime intention to know our friends in a much better way and to fulfill the gaps between us to achieve everlasting friendship. Here we share our thoughts, every little feelings and stay in contact with our valued friends.

�Come! Lets join hands together to share a beautiful relationship called friendship and build up A Community of Trusted Friends. This is the easiest way to hold�our dearest friends in a closer�way to become FRIENDS FOREVER.

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There you can post your messages and can also give reply to other members posts. Here you can share your thoughts, feelings and almost every thing with your friends.

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Here you can chat with your friends in Friends4ever. You may enter chat rooms�or can�have private chats with your friends.

If you are still not registered with Friends4ever then join now. It's absolutely free of charge; registration is needed for Forum posting�and Chat rooms. For registration some simple criteria is needed. Please refer to registration help before going to register.

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