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About Freiends4ever
August 6th, 2007
Friends4ever Email started. Members can have email id like name@

March 9th, 2007
Chat Room started and opened the members.
January 15, 2007
Friends4ever officially Launched on the web and opened for registration.

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About Friends4ever

What is Friends4ever and what is our motto behind it?

A group of friends indeed, somewhere on this world - we have come up with this idea to open A COMMUNITY OF TRUSTED FRIENDS, where you can share your happiness, sadness or ideas related to whatever, preferably the rough turns of the odyssey of human life.

We are inquisitive friends welcoming substantial forum-members, to get philanthropic on the matter of providing solutions to even the toughest of problems in any one's life (related to whatever - daily life-style, relationships, health, finances, technical matters, education). You can also share your views related to movies, sports, politics, current affairs or anything else.

Our hand is always forwarded towards you as we wish to offer you a warm handshake and welcome you to our forum. What's more? HELP AND BE HELPED in this difficult�life. Let us take this step together and form this friend's negotiation to incessantly contribute to the wisp of friendship.

Who is the creator of Friends4ever and when this site came into existence?

�This site is Designed and Administrated by Subhash Bose, Friends4ever was launched on the January 15th of 2007. This was the result of the tireless effort and hardworking of the administrator. We are also grateful to our webspace�and domain provider for providing the facility�to host the site.
�You can also refer to help section or click here to get more information�about site's history and the administrator.

�We are also thankful to,
� Abhrajit Khan and
� Sayantan Dutta.
who provided their valuable suggestions and ideas during the time of this site's construction.

Liabilities�and legal responsibilities of Friends4ever

�Friends4ever is a completely separate site, it has no collaboration or attachment with any other site or organization. All the programming and scripting� languages used here are free to use and the site's content (during the time of launch) is in complete agreement with the TOS of webspace and domain provider. Thus this site is 100% legal and doesn't has any type of obligations with legal matters.
�F4E is a community site, so we don't guarantee about the materials posted or submitted by members. We administrator and moderators try to check every posted materials, however it is not possible to check every single thing.
�Friends4ever or the administrator�will have no liability for the contents posted by the members and shall not be responsible for any illegal, abusive and offensive matters in the site. If any such thing is reported then those will be removed at the soonest and necessary steps would be taken�against it, even membership may be cancelled of the poster.
�Every members registered to Friends4ever must go through the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, and have to follow those.